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An accomplished mixed-media painter, Justicia Vargas has always looked at the world around her with an artful eye. Growing up in Colorado, she always enjoyed sketching, but discovered painting in her 20s as a way to help her overcome a challenging time in her life.


While she created art for herself, Justicia grew a successful cleaning company. It was while cleaning that she began to help people redecorate their homes and realized she had a passion for this different kind of art — design. Not only could she be creative and help bring that same creativity out in her clients, but she understood that, just like the emotional connections she had to her paintings, people would be emotionally connected to their homes, possessions, and how they were arranged.


This led Justicia to pursue a master’s certificate in Home Staging and Redesign in 2014, after several years in the field of home redesign.


All of Justicia’s artistic endeavors culminated in the creation of MiMod as a way to share and explore the varied styles of art and design she is drawn to.


Justicia’s art has been seen in the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts in New Hampshire, and an article in 303 Magazine shined a light on her part in a RAW: natural born artists show. Justicia won Best in Show in Denver’s Modernism Show in 2015 and continues to be a dynamic contributor to Denver's fine arts community.


MiMod is about helping to make your personal space an expression of who you are. I absolutely love helping clients express their true personality through their living spaces. Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to helping you find your space!


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